1. "i’ll always need to chase after you"

  2. Octopus | Octopus vulgaris

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  3. im in denial about my vision getting worse. its getting a lot worse 

  4. Copyright © Svjetlana Tepavcevic
    Copyright © Svjetlana Tepavcevic
    Copyright © Svjetlana Tepavcevic
    Copyright © Svjetlana Tepavcevic
    Copyright © Svjetlana Tepavcevic

    Means of Reproduction, Svjetlana Tepavcevic

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  5. Black-Chinned Hummingbird

    Photo by Oleg Gurvits

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  6. Anonymous asked: C'est la vie.

    tis very true. 

  7. tuesday


  8. Anonymous asked: It can be . . . . Question: are you really as distraught as you make yourself appear, or do you only speak when you're sad? And then, why do you smile in pictures if you're sad? Regardless of the reason, you have a very warm presence when you do . . .

    I make myself smile, I don’t know how to get by. I am not going to try to prove my “distraught” to you… i’m trying to function day to day past thinking about killing myself most of the time. If I am not feeling that dark panic, then I am numb. Those are my two states. But it isn’t that simple. Am I like this all the time? at this point in my life..yeah. But I am so much more than that, too. I am so fascinated and captivated by nature and the world, and I have a center of bright white joy. I think that is part of why this darkness hurts me so badly. 

  9. this is me singing in a video I made a couple years ago


  10. i haven’t eaten all day. I don’t even have the will to get up off my bed. my whole body aches and I feel like vomiting all the time anyway. days come and go. can it just be over 

  11. vegetation


  12. its hard to fill my lungs, so sad inside


  13. blood moon tonight >:}

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  15. i close my eyes and go to that memory.

    the sun is going down at the top of the mountain and the air is so cold but your skin is warm,

    i catch my breath